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OMRON Weather Station Tracks and Monitors Effects of Solar Eclipse

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On April 8th, the US experienced a rare phenomenon of a total solar eclipse that could be seen by those fortunate to be in its path. Even those who did not see totality may have still noticed the effects of the eclipse like a change in the air and lighting as the moon reached peak coverage of the sun. If you weren’t sure just how much changed as a result of the moon blocking the sun, consider the data collected by the OMRON Weather Station!

OMRON’s own weather station placed just outside its office in Hoffman Estates, IL was able to collect weather data in real time to give us an interesting picture of the changes in temperature, humidity, light, and barometric pressure as the eclipse hit peak coverage.

As the eclipse hit its peak around 2:08PM, we can see a massive dip in the illuminance detected by the weather station, the most obvious change with the blockage of the sun (see the data image on the left). Shortly after, the darkened sky began to show effects on the temperature and barometric pressure. Lack of light begins to cool the air, slowing gas particle motion which lowers the air pressure over time. We can see this effect peaked slightly after the climax of the eclipse, as it might take a bit more time for the elements to feel the effects of the sun’s coverage. With an expected temperature of 71 degrees that day in Hoffman Estates, the eclipse caused the temperature to dip from 67 degrees before the start of the event to just over 63 degrees.

Weather Sensor Data: April 8th, 2024

Weather Sensor Data: April 10th, 2024

Such a unique dataset is not only fascinating to read as we see the effects of the eclipse in real time, but we can also showcase the ability of the weather station to read environment data which can be used to signify to users key changes that may require further attention. To learn more about the OMRON weather station, contact your local representative.

Cary Horan

Business Development Manager

Cary Horan attended Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently the Business Development Manager for Omron, serving as America’s technical contact for OMRON’s diverse sensor product offerings. He has expertise in the manufacturing field, including IoT, Healthcare, and Agriculture applications.